Areas of Focus

Legal Docs

Litigation Response

  • Claim Analysis and Defense
  • Subpoena Response
  • E&O Coverage Analysis

When something goes “wrong” in a real estate transaction or a defect arises in a property after the sale, it is common for the parties to start pointing fingers. Oftentimes, whether fairly or unfairly, it is a licensed real estate professional who ends up taking the blame. BraumRudd’s experienced litigators will make sure you get the representation you deserve. BraumRudd’s attorneys have represented licensed real estate professionals, property owners, and others in a myriad of real estate related matters for decades and are here to help you as well. Whether it is something as seemingly innocuous as responding to a third-party subpoena or something as involved as full-blown defense of claims of professional negligence or even fraud, BraumRudd’s attorneys will work with you to make sure you have the best representation possible with the least disruption to your life and business.

Advisor Having Meeting

State Licensure/Regulatory Compliance

  • Licensure
  • Advertising
  • Training

Whether you are a broker, as salesperson, or an investor/owner, licensure and regulatory compliance issues are of highest importance. Without proper licensure, you may well find yourself out of business or, at the very least, focused on fixing problems that could have been avoided. BraumRudd’s attorneys can help ensure that you have the licenses you need while doing what you need to keep them in good standing. We advise on everything from corporate structure to advertising, team rules and agreements to collection and safekeeping of client funds, and everything in between. In addition to this, hundreds of licensed professionals rely on BraumRudd’s attorneys for training, updates, and reminders to keep them focused on compliance with the applicable laws and regulations governing their profession. Let our attorneys help you get/keep your compliance house in order as you focus on growing your real estate business.

Shaking Hands

RESPA/Federal Regulatory

  • Affiliated Business Arrangements
  • Joint Ventures/MSAs/Etc.
  • Disclosures and Compliance

Understanding and navigating Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) compliance may seem like daunting task but it does not need to be. BraumRudd’s attorneys can help you maximize business opportunities through joint ventures and affiliated business arrangements without running afoul of the rules in this highly-regulated area. The firm has decades of experience advising and consulting with real estate brokerages, title companies, and other settlement services providers on RESPA matters. Do not let fear of RESPA keep you from taking your business to the next level or passing up valuable opportunities. Let BraumRudd’s attorneys take the fear and uncertainty out of RESPA compliance for you and help you maximize your business’s potential along the way.

Board Meeting

State and Local Board Matters

  • Ethics Proceedings
  • Commission Disputes/Procuring Cause
  • MLS

Even the most conscientious of real estate brokers or salespeople is not immune to the possibility of a claim by a client, another licensed professional, or anyone else that they somehow “wronged.” Conversely, a licensed real estate professional may have rights or claims that they wish to assert. Not surprisingly, real estate brokerages do not always agree as to who is entitled to some or all of a given commission. Whatever the situation, BraumRudd’s attorneys can help. Our attorneys are experienced in representing licensed real estate professionals and businesses when matters like these arise. Whether at the local board level or before a state-wide regulatory commission, BraumRudd’s attorneys will work with you to present your position skillfully and guide you through unfamiliar waters.

Contemporary Exterior of Building


  • Leasing
  • Property Management Support
  • Fair Housing

As property owners and managers seek to maximize the value of the real estate investments under their care, BraumRudd’s attorneys are here to help. From crafting the right property management agreement or lease to navigating an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape, BraumRudd draws on decades of experience to put its clients in the best position possible while avoiding the types of pitfalls that interfere with the pursuit of their goals. If you own or manage residential or commercial property in Ohio or Indiana, BraumRudd can help you take your business to the next level.

Signing Contract


  • Construction Disputes
  • Liens and Defense
  • Business Sales

BraumRudd’s real estate practice branches into areas of commercial real estate, business sales, and construction matters. BraumRudd’s experienced attorneys are ready to assist you in any of these areas. Whether you are working proactively to help a project or deal go smoothly or stepping in to pick up the pieces when it does not, BraumRudd’s attorneys can help protect your interests and investments and put you in the best position possible under the circumstances. Our attorneys have the long-standing experience in matters like these to help you know what to do — and what not to do — every step of the way.

First time homebuyers negotiating with a FSBO seller need someone on their side the same as a billion dollar broker engaged in a multi-million dollar acquisition. BraumRudd is there for both of them and everyone in between.