Areas of Focus

Gun Safety

Civil Liability

  • Litigation Support Services
  • Defense and Appellate Representation
  • Instructions & Safety Manuals
  • OSHA/Lead Inspections
  • Range Safety & Liability
  • Product Analysis and Consulting

The attorneys at BraumRudd understand that your firearms, ammunition, or explosives business involves far more than just the manufacture and/or sale of product. When the use or misuse of a firearm or ammunition results in an alleged injury, all parties in the chain of distribution, from the manufacturer/importer to the retailer or possibly even the range owner, need solid legal representation. Proper product liability protection begins long before a claim ever arises, and FFLs need to be proactive to put themselves in the best position to protect their business in anticipation of such a claim down the road. While there are specific statutory protections against liability for certain firearm-related injuries, those protections are not all-encompassing, and knowing how and when those apply is vital to protecting your business. Moreover, from providing proper warnings and meeting state-specific legal and regulatory requirements to ensuring that they have adequate insurance coverage, industry members can take preemptive action to maximize their protections under the law. The attorneys at BraumRudd are experienced at helping companies like yours achieve the best possible outcomes.

Firearms in Shop


  • ATF Inspections
  • Judicial Review
  • National Firearms Act
  • Product Classifications
  • On-Site Audits & Operations Review
  • Employee Training & Compliance
  • Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax
  • Explosives

The attorneys at BraumRudd pride themselves itself in providing best-in-the-industry service to clients who wish to be proactive in identifying and addressing “issues” before they become “problems.” From “boots on the ground” audits of your required records, practices and procedures, and business operations, to detailed product classification analyses, to training and compliance consulting, BraumRudd provides the assistance its clients need in order to safely navigate their highly-regulated industries.  Conversely, the attorneys at BraumRudd have worked with clients all over the country during compliance audits, warning conferences, revocation hearings, and judicial review proceedings to put them in the best possible position.  Whatever your regulatory needs, the attorneys at BraumRudd have the experience to help your business succeed.


FFL Business Services

  • Company Start-Ups
  • FFL Transitions (Sales, Estates, Dissolutions, Etc.)
  • Management Compliance & Solutions

FFLs have particular business needs that are unique and require experienced guidance to navigate. Unlike many unregulated businesses, firearms businesses require careful attention when created, purchased, sold, or reorganized. From restrictions on ownership and responsible persons to zoning, state licensure, and other considerations, it is important that you “know what you don’t know” when operating in the firearms industry. The attorneys at BraumRudd have extensive experience representing federally-licensed firearms manufacturers, distributors, importers/exporters, and retailers and guiding them through complicated and sensitive transitions to purchase, sell, reorganize, or merely operate their businesses in a way that maximizes business continuity and decreases the negative effects of any transition. We pride ourselves on creative and tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs.



  • Import/Export Transactions
  • Export Compliance
  • Excise Tax
  • Technical Assistance Agreements
  • Warehousing & Distribution Agreements
  • Manufacturing Licensing Agreements
  • Customs Assistance & Representations

The attorneys at BraumRudd work with the firm’s clients to help them take advantage of business opportunities beyond our nation’s borders while ensuring compliance with ITAR/AECA and other regulatory obligations. BraumRudd represents numerous domestic and international munitions companies and regularly advises and assists on everything from licensure processing to customs issues. As a result, the attorneys at BraumRudd have the experience and industry relationships that you need to help open up international markets to your business or bring the world to your customers’ doorsteps. From parts and mold importation for domestic manufacturers to product import approval and sporting purposes analyses for foreign manufactured completed products, excise tax compliance, and everything in between, the attorneys at BraumRudd are able to help your business navigate an often intimidating regulatory area. The firm also works with its commonly-owned affiliate, OIF Exporting, to provide first-class import/export services to its clients that do not have in-house import/export departments, and we pride ourselves on finding solutions to broaden our customers’ horizons through international opportunities.

Even if your company never exports an item, those who manufacture export-controlled products or components need procedures and other protections in place to safeguard sensitive information and ensure export compliance. Whether your company needs consultation and assistance relative to DDTC registration, ITAR/AECA compliance, product classification, the exchange and protection of protected information, or any of a number of issues that many manufacturers do not even know they have, the attorneys at BraumRudd work with the firm’s clients to avoid costly and even business-ending mistakes.

Braum Rudd attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience helping FFLs start, operate, and save their businesses. We handle your business details large and small, from FFL applications, to audits and training, litigation, and problems with the highest levels of the ATF. Choose Braum Rudd for FFL legal expertise without peer.

In the firearms business, your livelihood depends on unfailing compliance with an alphabet soup of laws and regulations involving ATF, NFA, GCA, ITAR, AECA, FAET, OSHA, and others. It’s a maze of rules and paperwork, and ignorance is no defense. Braum Rudd will give you confidence in your compliance!

An FFL attorney may know the law, but does he know the gun business? Braum Rudd does. As a principal in several firearms businesses including a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and importer/exporter, our firm’s founder understands the challenges your business faces every day. Legal expertise and real-world experience – that’s Braum Rudd.

Braum Rudd’s attorneys have successfully represented FFLs in litigation, regulatory, and other matters from coast to coast and nearly everywhere in between. From large manufacturing operations to mom-and-pop dealers, Braum Rudd has the knowledge and experience to help you.

Compliance involves an endless sea of constantly changing rules from countless federal, state, and local governments.  How can lawyers possibly understand these day to day challenges?  When they actually operate real firearms businesses, that’s how.