Areas of Focus

Complex Litigation

  • Trade Secrets
  • Multiple Party Litigation

BraumRudd’s roots are in the area of complex litigation. Not every lawsuit is the same. Various levels of complexity arise from the subject matter itself while others arise from the sheer scope of the litigation when multiple parties and issues are involved. Clients facing complex litigation issues need to be confident that the law firm they choose has the experience and the bandwidth to effectively and efficiently represent them. BraumRudd’s attorneys have successfully litigated multi-party and multi-issue complex litigation matters all across the country. Do not let the size of BraumRudd’s firm fool you: the firm was designed and developed specifically with complex litigation matters in mind. BraumRudd’s “big firm” approach affords its clients the benefits they expect while providing the types of relationships and trust that being a smaller firm allows.


Insurance Coverage/Defense

  • Insurance Coverage Reviews
  • Claim Tender and Coverage Analyses
  • Litigation Defense

When a claim against you or your company arises, the issue of whether and to what extent insurance coverage may protect you is often of primary importance. BraumRudd is experienced in working with insurance carriers to ensure that its clients get the maximum benefits under their respective insurance policies. When a potentially-insured claim arises, BraumRudd will assist you in tendering your claim to your carrier, maximize your defense and indemnification protections, and defend your claims in cooperation with your carrier. Having an experienced advocate can make all of the difference in making sure that you receive the benefits for which you paid and are not saddled with defense costs and a potential judgment that should have been covered by your carrier. Braum Rudd also works with its clients to evaluate current coverages and advises concerning potential exposure.

Shipping Containers

Product Liability

  • Insurance Coverage Reviews
  • Pre-Litigation Analysis and Consultation
  • Litigation Defense and Appellate Representation

When the use or misuse of a product you make or sell results in injury, all parties in the chain of distribution from the manufacturer/importer to the retailer need solid legal representation. Proper product liability protection, however, begins long before a claim ever arises, and BraumRudd helps its clients to be proactive to put themselves in the best position to protect their business in anticipation of such a claim down the road. Wherever you find yourself in the process, BraumRudd is the experienced choice for your product liability needs both before and after a claim arises.


Equitable/Extraordinary Remedies

  • Injunctive Relief
  • Equitable Claims

Not every claim is a simple matter of contract or tort, and not every measure of damages is a simple matter of dollars and cents. BraumRudd’s attorneys are experienced in acting quickly to seek and obtain injunctive relief and other extraordinary remedies to protect its clients’ interests when the harm to be suffered is not something that can be remedied with payment of money.  Whether to protect a right that is threatened or to prohibit conduct that would cause irreparable harm to you or your business, BraumRudd has the tools necessary to effectively represent your interests in seeking emergency relief when time is of the essence.  BraumRudd’s attorneys are also experienced in pursuing and defending equitable claims such as claims for unjust enrichment and quantum meruit¸ and they look forward to zealously putting that experience to work for you.

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Employment Law

  • Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation
  • Overtime/Minimum Wage Considerations
  • EEOC/State Civil Rights Commissions
  • Employee/Contractor Classifications
  • FMLA, ADA, ADEA, Employment Discrimination, etc.

BraumRudd understands that unique challenges that arise in the workplace for businesses and workers alike.  BraumRudd is there for its clients both for proactive planning as well as when things go sideways.  BraumRudd’s business clients receive the guidance they need to ensure that their workers are properly classified and compensated, that they abide by applicable state and federal laws, and that their legitimate business interests are protected along the way.  The attorneys at BraumRudd are experienced in helping their clients navigate the legal and regulatory waters that govern employment and independent contractor relationships, defending claims of discrimination or unfair practices, and minimizing the effect of employment matters/disputes on our clients’ ability to pursue their chief objectives.  In short, BraumRudd’s experience in employment law helps its clients focus on their businesses while the firm works to make sure its clients know and abide by the applicable laws and regulations.


Business Transactions

  • Business Formation
  • Purchase/Sale
  • Asset Transfers/Stock Sales/Other Acquisitions

BraumRudd ‘s attorneys are experienced in helping the firm’s clients with the various aspects of running their businesses: from formation to termination.  It is important for you to dot every “i” and cross every “t” when it comes to forming, buying, or selling a business.   BraumRudd can assist in each of these areas.  In a given situation is a stock sale preferable to an asset sale?  Are there industry-specific considerations that may impact a decision?  Can I bring in capital from an outside investor and, if so, how do I do it and what are the ramifications?  Whatever your questions or concerns, BraumRudd’s attorneys will be there with the answers that you need.  From start-ups to multi-million dollar transactions, BraumRudd’s attorneys have the experience to help you maximize the value of your business start-up, purchase, or sale and avoid many of the headaches along the way experienced by those who choose to go it alone.

Business can be difficult. Starting one. Running one. Defending one. Exiting from one. All of this takes a team you can count on. BraumRudd can be your most trusted team member who will actually do what they say they will.